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President's message

Dear members of KAOMI,

Welcome to the Korean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology (KAOMI) and thank you for your continued support and your interest in implantology.

In 1994, KAOMI set out to become a new epicenter of education and academic activity in implantology. Dr. Chung So-young, inaugural president of KAOMI, built a collegial yet rigorous organization and invited members to become part of a society that operates in a democratic ways. Since then, enthusiastic presidents and young board members have been working together for the sake of academic progress under the founders’ philosophy. In February 2013, we have earned official charter from the Korean Dental Association (KDA).

KAOMI, ever since it’s official recognition by the KDA, has been gaining rapid momentum in several ways. The number of new members have been growing exponentially, and academic conferences hosted by KAOMI has been growing in both quality and quantity with its number of visitors and quality of content growing each event. In addition to the 600 outstanding members within the fellowship committee, the special featured lectures in the summer and winter have become the cornerstone platform to witness exciting up-and-coming young speakers.

The globalization of our organization has also taken a large step. KAOMI has launched international Academic meeting of Osseointegration’ (iAO) three times recently in Seoul. iAO was not only an opportunity to elevate and promote KAOMI but also an opportunity to showcase Korea’s implant-related industries at the international stage. In particular, iAO 2018 was successfully co-hosted with the Osteology Foundation with over 1,300 participants from 14 different countries. I am grateful and honored to receive the baton and continue the excellent legacy created by our immediate past president, Dr. Yeo Hwan-Ho.

As an acting president of KAOMI during the 2018-2020 term, I will make a society that will bring people and members closer together. We will inform the public with accurate by sharing the latest academic knowledge via online and offline channels. Our journals will have to lay the groundwork for entry into Science Citation Index (SCI). Due to the multidisciplinary nature of implantology, academic exchanges between basic and relevant clinical organizations will be further increased. Above all, as we gain size and momentum we will always remind ourselves the role and responsibility of our society itself as an academic body, and make sure to induce empirical progress without bias.
All of these goals mentioned above cannot be achieved with just a few active stakeholders. Therefore, we depend on your knowledge and experience. I would like to work with our members during my term under the following slogan: “KAOMI as a Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Lasting Friendships". KAOMI will become an academic ‘playground’ where members, board members, and the general public can come to share knowledge while building fun and lasting relationships. Also, please stay tuned for our new ‘Vision 2030’, as we have re-defined our organizational direction under the latest social, technological, and academic context. Thank you for all your support and I ask for your interest for the upcoming years.

Young Ku
President of the KAOMI